A reliable and easy to install hatch i.e. slide monitoring solution is the heart of a good trap alert system. It substantially determines the reliability and ease of use. A broad test of possible trigger and sensor types showed how important this aspect for the practicality and the satisfaction of the user is.

Triggering must be safe and reliable under any condition. Systems that may freeze, get soiled or may be damaged by rodents are therefore not suitable. Also are pure pull-off solutions in which the magnet is ripped from the housing of the sensors is often not ideal, since this approach severely limits possible mounting position of the sensor (on the one hand the wire/cable should be kept as short as possible so that it is not trapped/jammed but on the other hand the sensor should be kept hidden). Nevertheless, pull-off solutions are often easier to install inside concrete pipe traps compared to solutions with proximity switches, which however, are often more suitable for many other trap types.

Fangmelder Fallenmelder Fallenalarm TRAPMASTER KombisensorTo merge these requirements in the best possible way TRAPMASTER utilizes an innovative dual-use triggering solution, which can be used both as a non-contact proximity switch (particularly suitable for wooden box traps) as well as a pull-off magnet (suitable for many concrete pipe traps).

The sensor unit is made of a waterproof aluminium cylinder (proximity switch) and a magnet. The proximity switch can only be used in the front half of the cylinder. If the magnet is located close enough to the proximity switch (non-contact with up to 2 cm distance or pinned), the switch closes. If the magnet moves away from the proximity switch when the trap doors close, the trap alert triggers an alarm.


The sensor can be used in two ways:

As a non-contact proximity switch   As a pull-off magnet

Attach the proximity switch and the magnet to your trap in such a way that they almost touch each other (less than 1 cm apart) in the set condition, and are significantly apart (>5cm) when the trap shuts. You can attach the elements with glue or screws. Screws are usually more reliable.
Monitoring is automatically activated in the type of mounting when you reset the trap.


Trap set:
Fangmelder Fallenmelder TRAPMASTER an fängischer Kastenfalle

Trap closed (alarm triggered):
Fallenmelder Fallenalarm Fangmelder TRAPMASTER an geschlossener Kastenfalle


If you prefer triggering via a pull-off magnet, you can also attach the magnet with a thread or metal string (recommended against rodent bite damage) e.g. to the guillotine trap doors or other moving elements within the trap. The magnet is then attached to the aluminium cylinder.
You can attach the aluminium cylinder to a suitable location such as the crossbar above the trap doors.
Bear in mind that in this case you always have to reattach the magnet manually when you set the trap!




Example for pull-off magnet installation (when trap is set):

Abreißmagnet Fangmelder Fallenmelder TRAPMASTER Fallenalarm 

The cable is protected against rodent gnawing and biting. In any case if the cable is somehow damaged the trap alert system TRAPMASTER evaluates this as a release and triggers a desired (false) alarm.