Special rechargeable batteries for safe operation under harsh conditions.

Every TRAPMASTER always includes a rechargeable special battery in the scope of delivery.

The importance of application-specific battery technology for reliability is often underestimated. Some vendors deliver their alerts with non-rechargeable disposable batteries or even without batteries at all! The customer must then obtain the batteries himself. It may be doubted that in these cases the appropriate battery types are always used. The result is runtimes that often do not satisfy the customer. Trap monitoring then resembles a game of chance.

Disposable batteries also generate unnecessary waste and drive up your annual maintenance costs. We have made a conscious decision not to do this and instead provide you with an extensively tested system solution.

The TRAPMASTER uses special batteries in lead gel technology, which are very popular in telecommunications, medical technology and aerospace for good reason. The individual cells are approved by the manufacturer for the temperature range from -65 to +80°C.

Most importantly, a clearly defined battery allows the electronics to precisely monitor the state of charge. This can never be guaranteed when using arbitrary batteries.

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