A missed status message will be displayed if your trap alert did not manage to send its status message to the server on time.

Each device should report to the server approx. 17 minutes before the control time you set. If it manages this, everything is in order and you will receive your regular status message at the desired time.

If a trap alert does not manage to report in time, e.g. due to a temporarily weak mobile network, communication problems are displayed.

However, the devices keep trying to send their status until the message is out. You will then receive the error in the status message at the time you set.

If you look at your account at a later point in time, everything will be in order there (as long as the devices continue to run and are not really defective or have been destroyed e.g. by vandalism).

You will only find a note in the individual device log that the status message was delayed.


Have you perhaps changed the daily reporting time lately?

After changing the reporting time the devices receive the new reporting time only with the next communication (this can be a catch, an opening or a status at the previously set time). Otherwise the devices are asleep. You are not constantly online - that's not possible because of the energy consumption.

This means that missed status messages are (temporarily) displayed if the devices do not yet know the new reporting time. You do not have to do NOTHING if you receive missed status messages.