Fair cost model: you only pay for what you actually use!

Tagesaktuelle Kostenübersicht beim TRAPMASTER Fallenmelder

Conventional SIM cards (such as Deutsche Telekom, E-Plus or Vodafone) usually require a regular minimum charge, i.e. turnover, so they are not switched off by the provider. This annual / semi-annual minimum charge is independent of how much you have actually used.

For customers, this is often annoying and also brings a high administrative burden with it: you have to remember which cards when (and how) must be charged so that the trap alert systems are not suddenly "silent", because the cards are blocked.

The Professional version uses a completely new approach: it is the first trap alert system, where there is no credit on individual SIM cards necessary. Instead, all active SIM cards automatically "serve" themselves from the central credit balance in your user account. The credit balance is maintained centrally in one place in your online administration system ("Credit" view), making it easy for you to keep an eye on it (website, app, status messages). As a result, users often pay much more than they actually used. At TRAPMASTER, we think that's wrong.

This is different with the TRAPMASTER! Here you only pay for what you actually use!

With the TRAPMASTER, only the costs for the real use is charged (daily exact!). You can see this in your user account at any time.

An active trap alert sytem costs € 0.05 incl. VAT (net € 0.042) per day. This is a data flat, regardless of how often the system reported that day. Only SMS messages cause additional costs. Messages via push message in the TRAPMASTER App, Telegram App or e-mail are free.

Credit in your user account never expires. Each TRAPMASTER Professional can be paused at any time, e.g. for the hunting-free time. From the following day onwards there are no additional costs.

For example, if you only hunt for 2 months per season, then you only pay for 2 months.

Your advantages:

  • Super-easy SIM and credit management, full cost transparency
  • Significantly less time and administrative effort. No more stress with SIM cards.
  • SIM cards can no longer simply "expire" or be blocked by the provider, because you have not met a required regular minimum charge.
  • There is no annual minimum / minimum charge anymore. You really only pay what you have actually used.

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