Checklist for your next purchase

To help you compare trap alerts, you will find a short checklist below with the most important quality features of modern trap alerts:

Does the trap alert meet these quality criteria?

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Notifications: The following reporting channels are available:

  1. Telegram-Messenger instant message (like Whatsapp)
  2. Push notification in the free app,
  3. by email or
  4. via SMS.  

Can all users (main and fellow hunters) choose different channels for catch and status reports?

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eSIM card: The device uses a multi-network SIM card in embedded format (eSIM) to eliminate transmission problems due to corrosion and to prevent manipulation and SIM theft (no plastic card). The card is protected with a special protective coating against moisture and weather influences.

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Charging your credit is very simple: Are all SIM cards conveniently supplied from a single central credit in your user account?

Is there no need to top up or renew individual SIM cards?

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Fair billing of running costs: Do these costs only arise based on actual consumption? 

There are no mandatory annual subscriptions or regular minimum top-ups. Billing is on a daily basis.

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Pause: Can each device be paused as long as required at no cost? 

Once loaded, credit never expires.

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Data protection: Does the trap alert offer end-to-end encryption of the data between the device and the server?

Does the communication between the trap alert and the server take place via GDPR-compliant HTTPS-encrypted connections?

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Emergency mode in case of server or network problems: The device has a self-sufficient emergency mode via SMS that sends messages even if the server fails or the cellular network does not allow a data connection.

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Fellow hunters: Any number of fellow hunters can be added free of charge and will also receive reports.

Are all of the above mentioned reporting channels also available to fellow hunters?

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Energy supply: Does the scope of delivery of the trap alert include a rechargeable, cold-resistant battery to which the device’s electronics are perfectly matched?

Is the annual replacement of suitable (expensive) disposable batteries no longer necessary and does this also reduce the environmental impact?

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