Would you like to monitor your traps reliably and comfortably?

Fallenmelder TRAPMASTER Fangmelder Fallenalarm To TRAPMASTER customers it is very important to operate trap hunting successful, efficient and legally compliant.

High reliability and an easy handling in trap surveillance were (and are) our most important development goals. Both goals require that all system components are carefully and completely coordinated with one another.

It is precisely this approach that distinguishes TRAPMASTER from other trap alert systems: TRAPMASTER is the first system solution for trap monitoring. As hassle-free solution, TRAPMASTER offers you many functions and advantages that you will not find in this form in any other trap alert system.

With TRAPMASTER trap alerts, you can reliably and conveniently monitor all types of traps available on the market, e.g. concrete pipe traps, box traps or suitcase traps.

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