Catch categorisation & statistics

The TRAPMASTER Professional online management system supports you with helpful functions to record and evaluate your catches:

  1. Catch journal
  2. Delete catches
  3. Catch evaluations (statistics)
  4. Assign type of trap

Catch journal 

From the view "Catches" you can now systematically record all catches. This provides you with a clean catch journal. The entries can be filtered for catch, false triggering or even unintentional triggering (eg accidental closing of the trap while you lay out the bait).

Fangtagebuch in der TRAPMASTER Online-Verwaltung

Delete catches 

At the request of our customers, you can now delete individual entries manually in the view "Catches", in order to provide more overview.

Fänge aus der Erfassung löschen TRAPMASTER Fallenmelder 

Catch evaluations (statistics) 

For evaluation purposes you can find a few simple evaluations in the menu item "Evaluation". We will supplement these in the near future by further evaluations.

Fänge statistisch auswerten Fallenmelder TRAPMASTER

Assign type of trap

You can now assign the corresponding trap type to each device. You can do this via the drop-down menu when you add a new device or at any time later in the device single view (simply click on the device name in the device list). Later, we will also add the different trap types to the evaluations from the catch journal. You can then make simple statements about how successful individual traps and different types of traps work.

Fallenart auswählen Fallenmelder TRAPMASTER

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