Who is fellow hunter, who is main hunter? 

Main hunter (resp. user) of a device is always the user who adds the trap alert to his device list by entering the 6-digit device ID. The main hunter pays daily 0.05 € for the data flat on the SIM card. These costs are deducted from the central balance in the user account of the main hunter

A main hunter can invite any number of fellow hunters and "share" a trap with them. A shared device - marked by the "heads" symbol - then also appears in the device list of the fellow hunter. Being a fellow hunter with one or more devices is generally always free for fellow hunters - except a fellow hunter chooses to be notified by SMS. Each SMS costs 9 cents - these costs are deducted from the credit of the fellow hunter.

Of course each fellow hunter can use the cost-free notification options

  • TRAPMASTER App (Push-Notification),
  • Telegram App (Push-Notification) and
  • Email.

How to invite a fellow hunter

  • Log in into your user account on trapmaster.online
  • Click the “heads” symbol, then click “new entry”
  • To invite a fellow hunter type in his/her mobile phone number, first name and surname and click “invite fellow hunter”
  • If your fellow hunter does not yet use the TRAPMASTER online administration, he/she will immediately receive an SMS with an access code / invitation link and can thus log on to https://trapmaster.online. A fellow hunter automatically gets his own user account with his own credit.
  • If your fellow hunter already has his/her own user account (eg because he/she already has his/her own TRAPMASTER Professional or is already a fellow hunter elsewhere), your invitation will appear in his/her "Tasks" view as well as in his/her status messages and he/she can accept the invitation in his existing account. As soon as the fellow hunter has accepted your invitation, he/she will appear in the list "Share traps with fellow hunters" and you can assign your device(s) by clicking on the fields.

In his/her user account, a fellow hunter always sees only a single list of devices, consisting of his "fellow hunter devices" (marked by "heads" icon) and, if applicable,  his/her own trap alert devices.

Each fellow hunter can then set the preferred notifications & control times individually in his / her user account exactly as he / she would like. This relieves the main hunter of administrative tasks and creates an overview and acceptance among fellow-hunters.

Who pays what?

If the fellow hunter chooses free notifications via TRAPMASTER app, e-mail and instant messages (Telegram app), the entire operation is free of charge for him. The main hunter pays the daily flat for the SIM card.

ONLY SMS cause costs. Each fellow hunter pays the notification via SMS for him/herself (9 cents / SMS). Therefore, we recommend that each fellow hunter, after the first login, selects the preffered type of notification in the menu item "Settings" and if necessary, disables SMS. Each fellow hunter gets - as a gift when he/she is invited to use the TRAPMASTER online administration as a fellow hunter - 1 € starting credit so that he/she can start immediately - also via SMS.

Of course, a fellow hunter can also add his own TRAPMASTER to his account. For these devices, he then is the "main hunter" and pays for the data flat with the credit from his own account.