Set the Geo-Position 

Most customers do not want that the location of their trap alert is automatically shown on the map. Mostly, there is a desire to set the (than very precise) location personally. You need to set the map position of your trap alert manually by yourself:

You can enter the location in the map search or move the map by mouse pointer. When you "click" with the mouse, the position flag is placed there.

Locating the trap alert, e.g. theft

If somebody steals your device and this trap alert sends a report again (e.g. status, catch or reinserted battery), there is an approximate position for these operations available.

The position data is available on request, e.g. theft. We were able to "rescue" quite a few devices.

The trap alerts do not have GPS. Because most customers do not want to take the extra costs for GPS, we decided against integrating GPS.

However, every time a transmission of data is made, a position is determined based on the data from the mobile network (triangulation via transmission towers). The positioning is less accurate than GPS. In more densely populated areas (smaller radio cells) the position is more precise than in very large radio cells in very rural areas.